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Projecting the Cardinals 53: Offense

A “way too early” look at the Cardinals starting 53.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-OTA Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We are still in the month of May, meaning there is still a lot of time between now and when the Cardinals make their decision on who will be on the Cardinals 53 man roster. It’s too early too even bring up a legitimate argument for a lot of these players, but it’s never too early to speculate. As the Cardinals attempt to make one last push for the Super Bowl, will they have the depth and talent to actually do so?


Evan Boehm
A.Q. Shipley

At Center, the Cardinals currently have five players for the offseason. When cuts happen, there are only two players who will make the opening day roster. Evan Boehm and A.Q. Shipley. Shipley will be the starter, Boehm will get an opportunity to challenge for the role, but with how well he played at right guard, that seems to be his spot in 2017.

Roster Spots: 2


Mike Iupati
Dorian Johnson
Cole Toner
John Wetzel

The Cardinals have another five offseason players, but this time around, four of those five will make the Cardinas opening roster. Mike Iupati looks to rebound after a 2016 campaign hampered by injuries. Dorian Johnson figures to be a contender for the right guard role. Cole Toner and John Wetzel offer valuable depth. Kaleb Johnson will be in line for a practice squad role, if he shows something.

Roster Spots: 6


Will Holden
DJ Humphries
John Ulrick
Jared Veldheer

From six players sitting there today, the Cardinals will narrow it down to four. Humphries and Veldheer are your right and left tackles. Ulrick and Holden figure to be your swing backups, and with Wetzel being able to play tackle as well as guard, the Cardinals have good depth. Givens Price could find his way onto the Practice Squad again.

Roster Spots: 10

Tight Ends:

Jermaine Gresham
Ifyeani Momah
Troy Niklas

Given this units inability to stay healthy, the Cardinals will going with three is concerning. Gresham figures to be the primary target, but Niklas and Momah offer another threat in the passing game. That depends on either being healthy. Ricky Seals-Jones could be in contention, as could Hakeem Valles, but neither will make my roster yet.

Roster Spots: 3


David Johnson
TJ Logan
Andre Ellington
Kerwynn Williams

Johnson is the teams starter. No ifs and or buts. TJ Logan figures to be the teams third back, and primary special teams weapon. Ellington is still listed as a Runningback on the teams roster, that’s why he’s here. Williams and Elijah Penny will battle out the number two role behind Johnson, but Williams body of work the last few years has shown he’s ready for the job. Penny and James Summers are Practice Squad options.

Roster Spots: 17


Carson Palmer
Blaine Gabbert

Every year I do this to myself. I pencil in Drew Stantons replacement, only to get hurt. Last year, despite Stantons poor play, I knew he wasn’t getting replaced after Barkley struggled as well. This year, my hope is that Gabbert does enough to kick Stanton out the door. I don’t see guys like Trevor Knight or Zach Dysert doing anything worthy of a roster consideration, but both could fight for the teams Practice Squad.

Roster Spots: 19

Wide Receivers:

Jaron Brown
John Brown
Larry Fitzgerald
JJ Nelson
Chad Williams

These should be self explanatory. I think Krishawn Hogan will be in consideration, but if the team puts him through waivers, he likely won’t make it to the Practice Squad. Same with Larry Clark, the tryout player signed to the offseason roster.

Roster Spots: 24

The offensive side of the ball, will hold 24 rosters spots. Gives the Cardinals another 26 players on the Defensive side of the ball, plus their three special teams players. It’s far too early, but what do you say? Is there anyone you’d take off and replace? Discuss!

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