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The 2018 quarterback class is getting hype, for now

As of now, the NFL media likes the potential 2018 NFL Draft quarterback class.

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The NFL hype train is starting. After what the media called a “bad” 2017 quarterback class, despite three quarterbacks being taken in the top 12 and four in the first two rounds, the class was bad because the media said so.

Now though, we are starting the cycle over again, getting ready for 2018 NFL Draft and I for one love hypocrisy in the morning, or the evening when this is published.

It started with a simple tweet about just how good Josh Allen's feet are, how much better they are than Patrick Mahomes, the 10th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Josh Allen has been one of the names being bandied about as the future of the quarterback position.

The funny thing is, Allen has less throws than any of the “too inexperienced quarterbacks” in Mitchell Trubisky or DeShone Kizer from the 2017 class, a worse career completion percentage than the horridly inaccurate Kizer and lost six games as a starter in his first season.

What he is, though, is a prototype of what the NFL likes.

6-5 220lbs, big arm, pocket quarterback.

Now, this isn't to say that Allen, or Sam Darnold, or Josh Rosen can't or won't take the next step, but it is interesting to see the criticism that was levied against this year's class be ignored, so far, in the 2018 class.

Of course, this is how the cycle works, as we'll observe Friday, the 2017 class wasn't always bad.