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Dallas Cowboys showing interest in Daryl Washington

The Cowboys and Cardinals open the preseason and play on Monday Night Football in 2017.

Carolina Panthers v Arizona Cardinals

There was never a question on whether or not Daryl Washington would get another opportunity in the NFL, the question was always where would it happen.

While nothing is certain and Washington has had a week to talk with teams with no news, we are starting to get subtle hints of teams with interest.

One team we know of now is the Dallas Cowboys.

What this means is really nothing, outside of the Cowboys are putting together a book on Washington.

They have taken on a number of off field issue players before, some have worked out while some have not, most notably Randy Gregory.

However, it seems like Washington's issue with drugs is all that is on the media conscience:

This is obviously the issue when you are gone for three seasons and out of the spotlight. Most non Arizona fans and media members are going to remember Washington's absence as a drug related issue. While it certainly was, the league used his drug issues to really punish him for the domestic violence issue as well.

I have a theory as to why, but maybe that is better served for another day.

Washington would offer another athletic body to the Cowboys defense that is need of such, but he has not been on the field in three years, so there is more at risk than just off the field.

It also would mean the Cardinals could get two chances to play against Washington in 2017, once in the preseason Hall of Fame Game and once in week three on Monday Night Football.