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Blaine Gabbert and the information leaking

Blaine Gabbert has really impressed early on... Okay.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-OTA Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I promised something slightly different over the offseason, this will be it.

I am going to start blogging​ a little more and doing a little less… “Reporting”.

Why? Well first I'm not a reporter. I don't live in Arizona, I don't go to the team facility and get the information that guys like Adam Green, Kent Somers and Jess Root get. I use their reports and talk about things, which is the reason for a lot of the Twitter embeds, simply giving the person who was there the credit.

The other reason is, well I want to drive more conversation. It can get heated, it can get ugly, but that is where the passion lies.

Don't get upset when things get feisty either, keep the swearing down and enjoy the conversations.

If this goes well, it will be posted one or two times a day with just my random thoughts on things. It'll be… not professional, but based on my own views on things within the realm of football. It will usually be focused the Cardinals, maybe some draft stuff, but it'll really be just a lot of my rants.

Want to get something off your chest, I'd be happy to do guest posts… under your name or anonymous, just keep it on topic and clean.

Onto today's post.

There's been an interesting development in terms of posts about the offseason workouts and that is the play of Blaine Gabbert.

Are we surprised by the reports of Gabbert playing well?

No, there's a zero percent chance anyone is going to say, “man he sucks, I can't believe they brought him in.”

Instead, look at what they are saying:

Surprised how much he is grasping the offense early.

Has a really big arm.

Looks the part.

That is not to say that Gabbert getting a chance in Arizona can't result in something happening. In fact, it could be the exact remedy for Gabbert, but I can promise you, no one thinks that after a week of OTA’s.

We'll actually start to know something in camp and even more during the preseason.

Maybe Gabbert surprises everyone and is someone to keep an eye on, but no one knows yet.