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Memorial Day with Revenge of the Birds

Happy Memorial Day

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images

Memorial Day is very difficult for many.

I have service members littered throughout my family on both my side and my wife's side and we are fortunate to have them in our family.

Not just have them, but still be able to enjoy them.

Many are not as fortunate.

For many, this day is a somber reminder of what their family has sacrificed for so many.

I can't thank them enough, and quite frankly, I can't write enough to honor them.

I can, however give anyone that has lost a loved one in the line of service and opportunity to write something about them.

Whether it is here in the comments, in a FanPost, or just a link to a story, please, feel free to share.

Couple of good links from a former Marine who wants you to enjoy Memorial Day as much as you can.

And remember those who were lost.