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The Arizona Cardinals are loaded at safety... Who plays where?

The Cardinals have a lot of talent at safety, where it plays will be fun to watch unfold.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals lost Tony Jefferson and D.J. Swearinger this offseason to big contracts elsewhere.

Their departures were not a surprise, we knew in December that Jefferson wanted more than the six million the Cardinals were offering.

Meanwhile, it seemed like there was close to zero interest in bringing back Swearinger, despite seeing him blossom as a player in 2016.

It made sense though, for the Cardinals, because the safety position seems like one that is fairly easy to fill in their defense.

The question is, who plays where?

We know what Tyrann Mathieu can do when healthy, but every other player is a bit of a mystery, hell, so is Mathieu if we're being honest.

Budda Baker does his best work similar to that of Mathieu's. He has the ability to move around as a strong safety that plays in the box, could be use as a blitzer, drop into coverage in the middle of the field, or line up as a slot cornerback.

Tyvon Branch is similar to that, if slightly less spectacular because of his injuries.

Antoine Bethea is closer to Jefferson, not as athletic, but is a guy who gets by one his understanding of where the play is going and getting there, not his athletic ability.

Harlan Miller played well as a safety to end 2016, he'll likely ​be the closest thing to a true free safety the Cardinals have, while Mathieu, Baker, Branch and Bethea all rotate in at times.

The question is simply… who plays where?

How much does everyone play and how do the Cardinals field their defensive backfield?

It is a puzzle right now, one I look forward to breaking down as the season draws closer.

But, who do you think plays where?