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Breaking News: Carson Palmer can still throw a football

Well, there's that.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

We have been waiting for Carson Palmer to show he can still throw a football, and everyone can exhale, as he threw at the end of last week and resumed that today.

It was a little harrowing two weeks ago when we heard he couldn't throw until the end of offseason workouts, but clearly it was just all a ruse to get Blaine Gabbert extra work.

Honestly, the weird part is... This is news?

I mean, I get the collective we wanted to be concerned, but there is a reality to all of this.

Carson Palmer is 37 years old, he is going to be 38 in December.

People like to act like Palmer's injury missed seasons should make him closer to 34 or 35, but his arm may be even older.

Palmer, despite missing his rookie year to sit and learn and then after his different injury plagued seasons limited him to 10 games over two seasons, he has still thrown the 12th most passes in modern NFL history (1970-present).

Palmer's arm is in rare air, it is going to be done. Maybe it has another 600 throws, maybe it has another 5,000, it just doesn't make sense to have those throws in May, and not January... Or hopefully February.

Of course, nothing is happening right now, so we'll take the news.