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Reuben Foster could miss all of 2017

A lot of Arizona Cardinals fans were upset on passing over Foster. Maybe there was a reason why.

College Football Playoff National Championship Media Day Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

It was not too long ago when a report surfaced that Reuben Foster's medical re-check didn't go so well.

There was a chance his already surgically repaired shoulder could need another surgery and for many that was a good enough reason to pass on Reuben Foster.

In fact, Justin Higdon has basically decided that if a player cannot test physically because of a medical condition, they are not someone he would draft early.

Simply put, if a player has a major medical issue and you as a team can not get medical clearance before the draft, you assume all the risk.

Now, on April 27th many were giddy as Foster slid down to the 13th pick in the first round, but as I had said previously, Foster's health was too much of a concern to take at 13.

When the Cardinals passed on Foster for a bigger, faster and healthier prospect in Haason Reddick, there was a segment of the fanbase who was upset.

Fast forward to May 4, 2017 and reports are now coming out that Foster nay need that second surgery and could miss all of 2017.

From Kyle Shannahan in an interview with KNBR.

"Our doctors felt good about his shoulder. They thought it was recovering well, they didn’t have the same report a lot of other teams did. The worst-case scenario is the shoulder doesn’t heal correctly, and you’ve got to do it again,” Shanahan said. "When you have to do it again, you've got to get another surgery, and it would be tough to play this year."

Now, this should not impact Foster's longterm outlook, but does this alleviate concerns for Arizona Cardinals fans?