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Arizona Cardinals and the quarterback of the future

Want to talk about the quarterback situation post Palmer, do it here.

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Many have asked the question, many have debated the topic and many have disagreed .

However, for now, the people stressing the need for a quarterback of the future are ahead, by virtue of simply the 2016 Arizona Cardinals.

What I mean, the team invested and stretched themselves in order to make a run and failed, spectacularly.

You may say, what does getting a QB have to do with 2016, but simply by continuing to defer the issue, the Cardinals put their decisions under the microscope.

If you defer because you see a chance to make an improvement in the immediate, then that improvement needs to happen.

Now, if Robert Nkemdiche comes out crushing and becomes a dynamic force, then the deferment may have been worth it.

Which is unfair for Nkemdiche.

Yet the further Arizona strays from their 2015 path, the more necessary it is to find a quarterback, simply because it is unrealistic to expect Palmer to ever reach 2015 heights again.

However, the Cardinals also have or at least had a unique opportunity to bring in a young quarterback to groom under Palmer.

Now, no one knows.