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What the NFL thought of the Arizona Cardinals draft

Anonymous executives dish on the Arizona Cardinals draft.

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2017 NFL Draft in the books we are starting to get some interesting notes from around the NFL.

One thing I always love to read is what other executives and decision makers think after the fact.

ESPN delivers that in this “Unfiltered look at the 2017 NFL Draft”

Free agency gutted the Cardinals' defense, which is why it was no surprise when Arizona used its first two picks for linebacker Haason Reddick and safety Budda Baker. That they did not also get a potential quarterback of the future was a function of Arizona's limited draft capital. Teams that maneuvered for QBs paid handsomely for the opportunity.

"I liked Reddick a lot -- he's a freaking baller," a personnel director said. "The guy I did not like as much as some people liked was Budda Baker. He is tough and good, but he is not a safety. He is a nickel and not a nickel that plays man. He is a zone-reliant nickel. His optimum fit was to go to Arizona, though, because he is a little bit like Tyrann Mathieu. Arizona is good at thinking outside the box, so this is a good fit."

Always funny to hear about lack of draft capital when all we have heard was how the 2018 draft compensatory picks gave them flexibility.

Haason Reddick is either your favorite or you don’t get it, so this personnel director is on the side of Reddick.

The fact that he has hedged himself on Budda Baker was a little more surprising. Saying, I don’t like him, but in Arizona he could be a good fit, screams... If he’s bad... I TOLD YA!!! If he is good, I TOLD YA HE LANDED IN THE BEST SPOT!!!

Just have a take.

What do you think?