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Carson Palmer and the Hall of Fame

A ring and it could be done for the former first overall pick.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Arizona Cardinals Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

There was an interesting quote that came from Bruce Arians, when is there not to be honest?

Carson Palmer has a strong case for the Hall of Fame with a Super Bowl ring.

According to ESPN’s Josh Weinfuss:

“Well, statistically, if you put a ring on his finger, he probably has a chance to be talked about for the Hall of Fame because of his statistics.”

There is a deeper dive that can be done on this, maybe this summer it will get done, but this is an overly simplistic statement that has the truth in it.

If Palmer was to win a Super Bowl ring in 2017, please, he would really cement himself as a Hall of Fame candidate.

Why? Well, because he would finally win when it matters. Palmer boasts a 1-3* (really not fair to give him the L for that ACL Pitt game) playoff record.

Assuming the Cardinals win the division and get a top two seed, then Palmer takes them to a Super Bowl, his playoff record spikes to 4-3. If they are a bottom four seed, Palmer’s playoff record improves to 5-3, which is actually #good.

Is there more too it... Yes.

However, the very basis of the argument, a ring puts him squarely in the discussion, is true. If Palmer leads the Cardinals to a ring, he does so by winning playoff games, which is the biggest eye sore on Palmer’s resume.

Now... The critiques will start about his playoff performances if he were to finally win a ring, but that is a battle I’d be more than willing to fight.