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Sunday Night Open Thread: The greatest teams ever

Who was the greatest team you have ever seen?

Washington v Miami

Happy Sunday night one and all. Hope your weekend is going well.

There was so much talk about Golden State Warriors and their position in the history of the NBA while they inched towards that 16-0 record.

While it didn't come to fruition, it was close and got me thinking… What is the greatest sporting team of your lifetime?

When I look back at teams I've actually seen with my own eyes:

1996 Chicago Bulls

2001 Miami Hurricanes

These are the two teams I remember and identify as the greatest teams of my era.

I think the undefeated New England Patriots not sealing the deal closed off the ability for me to say I've seen the greatest NFL team ever, but even at that, they are likely the greatest non championship team ever.

I was born in 1985 so I don't know the Bears outside of what I've read and watched in history. Same for the 1986 Boston Celtics.

What team is the greatest you've seen?