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Arizona Cardinals not drafting a quarterback is their worst offseason move... Light’s self on fire...

Another opinion with an a...

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It is Tuesday, which means it is a day that ends in “y” and there is someone complaining about the Arizona Cardinals not drafting a quarterback.

First, I want to say, I wish the Cardinals would have had the gumption to trade up for Patrick Mahomes, but I understand not wanting to give up an ‘18 first round pick, even if I didn’t agree.

That being said... It’s not exactly like they passed on a quarterback.

From Bleacher Report’s Brad Gagnon:

It soon may be time to stick a fork in Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer.

The 37-year-old has enjoyed a nice career, but his rate-based numbers plummeted in 2016, and it's beginning to look as though his Pro Bowl 2015 campaign was a late-career anomaly. After all, he threw 22 interceptions in 2013 and started just six games in 2014.

But the Cards didn't use any of their seven draft picks on quarterbacks, here's hoping no one in Glendale believes backups Drew Stanton or Blaine Gabbert are heirs apparent.

Even glossing over the first two parts, after they didn’t use their first round pick on a quarterback, why use any pick on a quarterback?

I am a believer in DeShone Kizer, but I also am of the belief that if you liked him enough at 43, you better like him enough at 13. They didn’t like him enough at either.

From there, who and where?

Davis Webb at 75?

Joshua Hobbs at 120?

Nathan Peterman in round five?

We have seen them and been there. Are they any better than Drew Stanton... Hell are they unequivocally better than Blaine Gabbert?

I don’t understand this thought process, especially after this was written in the same article:

Arizona also lost several key defensive players in Calais Campbell, Tony Jefferson, D.J. Swearinger and Kevin Minter, but with Tyrann Mathieu, Patrick Peterson, Chandler Jones and 2016 first-round defensive tackle Robert Nkemdiche on D and the dangerous David Johnson in the offensive backfield, this team has a chance to avoid a massive rebuild when Palmer fades or steps aside.

Exactly, if you believe in what they have built, obviously we do at this here website, then forcing a quarterback at a second or third round pick just to draft a quarterback doesn’t matter.

Maybe I am wrong, what do you think?