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Arizona Cardinals have the best triplets in NFL

Palmer, Johnson and Fitz top one pundits list of best triplets in the NFL.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Most of the offseason is spent figuring out lists so we can argue about them, it really drives the conversation during much of the dead air that is June and early July in the NFL season.

After a bad season in 2016, the lists the Arizona Cardinals find themselves on are not always one they want to fall on.

However, the Cardinals found their quarterback, running back and top wide receiver on a good list, the top triplets in the NFL.

This is one of the best debates in the NFL, which quarterback, running back and wide receiver grouping is the top one?

Carson Palmer, David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald definitely deserve to be mentioned among the top groups and I am glad to see they made one persons list as the top triplets.

If I had to rank the groups in the NFL, I think Pittsburgh's group of Ben Roethlisberger, Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown would be the top, but after those three, I think you can make an argument for anyone as the second best, including the Cardinals.

If I had to rank the top five, I'd go:

Pittsburgh Steelers


Atlanta Falcons

Dallas Cowboys

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

How would you rank the top five?