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Did the Arizona Cardinals miss on cutting Matthias Farley?

The undrafted free agent is getting first team reps in Indy.

Buffalo Bills v Oakland Raiders Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

There was a strong movement when I took over Revenge of the Birds for the Arizona Cardinals to keep undrafted free agent, Matthias Farley.

Farley was continually showing up on reports of being the guy turning heads in practices, in drills, in workouts.

When training camp rolled around, he outplayed every secondary player drafted in front of him, but it didn’t matter. When cuts came around, it was Farley who ended up on the outside looking in.

He didn’t have to wait long, as Farley was scooped up by the Indianapolis Colts, but was mainly a special teams contributor in 2016 (we could probably just stop here as a reason they should have kept him).

Now, as the 2017 offseason is underway, Farley has found his way onto the field with the Colts first team defense:

According to the Indianapolis Star’s Zak Keefer, Matthias Farley “spent the bulk” of Tuesday’s mini-camp practice with the first team - meaning that T.J. Green was with the second team.’s Kevin Bowen followed up on that by saying that it happened last week too, which would suggest that it might not be a scenario of simply switching things up.

While Colts fans are lamenting the selection of Green, I remember a number of Cardinals fans loved Green, dodged that bullet, it is Farley getting away that makes me wonder if the Cardinals just miscalculated.

They lost Tony Jefferson and D.J. Swearinger, they brought in two new safeties, but because of the defensive schemes they need and use safeties up to three or four on the field at a time.

Would keeping Farley have allowed for more freedom and flexibility this offseason?

Did Arizona make a mistake in cutting Farley?