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Building a bond with the Arizona Cardinals: Happy Father's Day

Did your dad help you start your Arizona Cardinals fandom?

Jake Plummer #16...

Happy Father's Day one and all and welcome to Sunday.

Many of you are here because you became Arizona Cardinals fans thanks to your dad. Others of you are here because your dad was awful enough to pass this sickness on to you and now you're stuck arguing whether or not Blaine Gabbert is the quarterback of the future for this organization.

For that, we are sorry.

I know for me I grew up a fan of football but my dad never really pushed me to be a fan of any specific team.

I enjoyed the Cardinals when they were on TV as a kid, but let's be honest, as a functioning 5-10 year old, I didn't pay attention to the Cardinals much outside of that. I was obsessed with who could beat the Cowboys and the only team that ever fit the bill was San Francisco.

Fast forward to 1996 and my dad could finally afford to take me to games and decided we would be season ticket holders. Which in those days was a miniscule investment.

We got Simeon Rice, passed on Jonathan Ogden, but I was young and happy.

Then in 1997 they had to have a CB and drafted Tom Knight… yuck. But we had the luck of getting ASU alum Jake Plummer.

As an 11 year old who had just watched Jake Plummer​ come within minutes from winning a national championship, this was the game changer.

Fortune smiled on us though in 1998. The Cardinals drafted Andre Wadsworth, I was happy as a pig in slop, after fleecing the San Diego Chargers, a first and second in ‘98, a Pro Bowl returner and a first in ‘99. (Remember when the Bears got robbed?)

I was sitting in the South end zone, right above Tillman tunnel today, when Chris Jacke hit that magical 52 yard field goal.

That's when it was real. That's when I knew from then on, my Sunday's belonged to the Arizona Cardinals. If it wasn't for my dad, well, I'd probably be happy, but I wouldn't have this sickness.

For that, I am forever grateful.

Thanks Dad, and happy father's day one and all.