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2018 NFL Draft: Harold Landry gets high marks this offseason

The leaks are coming and they bring forth really interesting information.

Quick Lane Bowl - Boston College v Maryland Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

The NFL offseason is a slow time of the year, yet it always finds a way to entertain.

The reason, you get outlandish statements and information coming out that just makes you wonder.

That started a couple of weeks ago with the talk of the quarterback class, but it took another step today with a series of interesting tweets.

First off, is this grade not equalled to other seniors coming out? I'm going with yes, but if we look back over the last decade, there's been some serious senior talent, so that's still unbelievably high praise.

Yet, it is the following tweets that do a nice job of conveying my own curiosity of how.

So, a player is so good now that he's in a class by himself, but in a relatively thin pass rushing class, he didn't enter the draft because his grade wasn't that high?

This is what I have been saying about players like Josh Allen.

It is not that he lacks talent, in fact he has a nice looking skillset, it is that if he was so good, why not declare?

Anyway, Harold Landry is a good player who now has to live up to hype of being a one of a kind talent. Seems fair.