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Seattle fans find sand in uncomfortable place

Pro Football Focus has the Arizona Cardinals winning the NFC West in 2017... Seattle fans complain.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

While Arizona Cardinals fans would be very happy being in the playoffs again in 2017 and getting a chance to walk off with a Super Bowl, other fan bases don’t feel the same.

Maybe it is because we Cardinals fans are still learning to enjoy cheering for a good team, but I know for me, I worry little about division titles and focus on what happens in the playoffs.

That’s why when Pro Football Focus had the Cardinals as the NFC West Champs and the four seed, I focused more on it being about the Cardinals making it back to the playoffs, and less about winning the division over the rival Seattle Seahawks.

Well, Seattle fans disagree and frankly were not happy the Cardinals had been awarded, in a June opinion piece, the NFC West at 10-6 over the Seahawks, who went 10-6.

That line about Carson Palmer is an odd one, because he’ll be 38 by the end of this year and frankly the 2015 season looks more anomalous than a standard we should expect him to reach again. Then again, I suppose aging curves affect Seattle more than Arizona, with ancient players like 28-year-old Doug Baldwin, 29-year-old Kam Chancellor, 29-year-old Richard Sherman, 31-year-old Cliff Avril, and 31-year-old Michael Bennett presumably on that list of Seahawks who are “reaching the downside of their career.”

It’s the offseason... Why you gotta be salty?