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Cards fans, QB drought coming, how many backup QB's and more

A look around the web at the Arizona Cardinals.

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Happy Friday one and all.

Suns fans, make sure you head over to Bright Side of the Sun to check out all of the news on the Suns 2017 Draft.

As for the Arizona Cardinals, there is some great information coming out, so let's get to it.

Name Precedes Ironhead Gallon
Rookie safety hopes nickname isn't only thing memorable about his time with Cardinals.

Cardinals Blogs | For what it’s worth in June, defensive edition

Drew Stanton, Blaine Gabbert vying for Arizona Cardinals roster spot - Arizona Cardinals Blog- ESPN
Drew Stanton has been the Cardinals' backup QB for four years. Ex-49er Blaine Gabbert was signed in the offseason. Will Arizona keep both?

QB Drought Is Approaching And These NFL Teams Need Help
On top of that, some of usual suspects that look for a QB year after year are still in the mix. Let's break down...

5 NFL Players Who Mean Most For Success Of Their Team
The NFL MVP debate sparks such fervent disagreement in part because the idea of "most valuable" means different things...

Cardinals fans ranked near bottom of league | Cards Wire
Arizona Cardinals fans know they do not love a team with a lot of national love. And those who reside in Arizona know the nature of a lot of fans and sports. While there are many who religiously follow their team, many casual fans only get passionate when things go well.

3 Cardinals receiving records Larry Fitzgerald doesn’t have | Cards Wire
Fitzgerald has almost all the team's career and single-season records. Almost.

Arizona Cardinals: Need more than 10 wins for division title
The Arizona Cardinals were picked by Pro Football Focus to win the NFC West with a record of 10-6 but will 10 wins be enough to accomplish that feat?

Arizona Cardinals: Robert Nkemdiche Second Season Training Camp
Second year player Robert Nkemdiche looking for breakout season with Arizona Cardinals entering training camp

NFL fan rankings: Cowboys, Patriots lead list; Cardinals getting worse