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Arizona Cardinals biggest risk in 2017: One site says Carson Palmer

Is Palmer the biggest risk the Cardinals are taking in 2017?

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

There are a lot of conversations had about the Arizona Cardinals and their future moving forward.

Is the team doing the right thing not drafting a quarterback?

Is Blaine Gabbert really in line to take over in 2018?

There are so many questions about the future.

To some, there seems to be questions about the present.

Bleacher Report had an article on the biggest risk each team is taking heading into 2017, for the Cardinals that was to head into the season with Carson Palmer at quarterback.

From the article:

"The Cardinals are going to spend another season leaning on an aging quarterback who has the nimbleness of a concrete slab, and his arm strength can fail him at critical times."

I've said before, this line of thinking is understandable if off base. Palmer is the best option for the Cardinals for now. Is he the best quarterback in the NFL? No. Who cares though, where are they getting a better player in 2017?

From the article:

"The short-term future looks uncertain for Bruce Arians' aerial attack. He'll be relying on a quarterback whose per-attempt average dropped well over a yard in 2016 (8.7 to 7.1)."

There's likely a reason, because the Cardinals offensive line was in shambles. Yet, I wouldn't mind the reduction in deep passing, but I doubt that happens. A quicker passing game with Fitzgerald, Johnson, Gresham and even Chad Williams would likely open up the deep game for Brown and Nelson.

If the Cardinals are being risky heading into 2017, I'd say it was keeping the status quo at corner.

We are all hopeful that Justin Bethel or Brandon Williams takes the next step, but it's a huge gamble.

I think going into ‘17 with the youth at the defensive end positions is also a huge question mark and risk.

From there, I'd say it's close to getting to quarterback, but again I don't think you can talk about Palmer in ‘17.

Although, if you wanted to say they messed up in 2016 or 2015 not being prepared for this, I'm all ears.