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Can the Dallas Cowboys take a chance on Daryl Washington?

The former Cardinals linebacker has been linked to Dallas, but can they really afford to take that chance?

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals made a quick decision regarding Daryl Washington when he was reinstated by the NFL.

He was released and free to seek employment elsewhere. So far, there is no employment, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come closer we get to training camp.

The one team consistently linked to Washington is the Dallas Cowboys, something we talked about a month ago.

Well, earlier today, Dallas Cowboys David Irving had his four game suspension upheld by the NFL, another in a line of Cowboys facing suspensions this year or having been suspended in previous seasons:

Irving joins the list of Cowboys defensive ends who have ended up on the wrong side of NFL league office justice. Randy Gregory has previously been suspended and will be suspended for basically the entire 2017 season. DeMarcus Lawrence also missed four games to start the season last year.

That begs the question, can the Dallas Cowboys, with the issues they have had, really afford to be the team that takes a chance on Daryl Washington?

Let’s just say for a minute that Washington comes back at 80% of the player he was during his stint in Arizona, that would likely be a starter in Dallas, also most places in the NFL, but is that a risk the Cowboys can take?

Another failed drug test of Washington would, I believe, result in a ban from the league, it is not like his strikes start over.

What do you think? Does the reward outweigh the risk for any team, but especially the Cowboys who have had so many run-ins lately?