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Your favorite Arizona Cardinals writer: The results

Who won the popular vote for favorite Arizona Cardinals writer?

Arizona Cardinals Introduce Carson Palmer Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

A week ago I asked the question, who is your favorite Arizona Cardinals reporter?

Many of you voted and it was a close race for first and second ​place, as well as a close race for third and fourth place.

Darren Urban was the winner, garnering 26% of the votes. Urban has been covering the Cardinals for nearly two decades, he works for the team, but does a nice job of giving you his opinion at times as well.

Kent Somers finished second with 21% of the votes. Somers is Urban's closest peer in my mind in terms of longevity and understanding of the team. These two as the top two make sense.

Ron Wolfley edges out third place, finishing with 18% of the votes. Wolf's voice, enthusiasm and knowledge of the team is unquestioned.

Mike Jurecki came in fourth, finishing with 14% of the votes. MJ has been on the beat for a long time, has a close relationship with a number of players and gets information before many because of his relationships. He is a free agent right now, but I don't think he'll be off the beat for long.

Rounding out the votes:

Gambo with 7% of the votes.

Adam Green with 5% of the votes.

Kyle Odegard had 3% of the votes.

Josh Weinfuss 3% of the votes.

Paul Calvisi had 3% of the votes.

I didn't vote, but I'll tell you mine now.

I respect the hell out of all of these guys, Urban, Somers and Jurecki are all people I have admired for a long time as beat guys for Arizona.

However, Adam Green's growth as not only a writer, but someone covering and understanding football has been something to admire.

Maybe it is biased, but Adam has been helpful to me personally, whether it be allowing me to tag along at Cards camp or editing my work when I was doing spots on Arizona Sports.

The reality is, anyone on this list could have been your favorite and for good reason.

The Cardinals boast a talented and diverse crew of writers who have done an excellent job of getting you information on the team over the years.

It is one of the reasons the fanbase has grown so much and continues to do so.

Thanks to everyone for voting and continue to enjoy the work.