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Does Jeremy Maclin make sense for the Cardinals?

A quick look at whether or not Maclin would fit in the desert.

NFL: AFC Divisional-Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs made a surprising move last week by cutting Jeremy Maclin. The move made sense financially as it saved the Chiefs more than 10 million in cap space. It seems that everyone was taken aback by the move, including Maclin.

Maclin spent two seasons with Andy Reid in Kansas City. During that span, he recorded 1624 yards with 10 touchdowns. Those numbers did not warrant the contract that the team had given him, and it was topped off by injuries and the emergence of Tyreek Hill.

Maclin will likely have his pick of teams. Everyone can use a good speedster on the outside. With Arians’ love for speed, does Arizona become a team that shows interest in Maclin? believes Arizona would be a good destination but do I?


Arizona is already loaded with speedsters. Guys like John Brown, JJ Nelson, and Chad Williams. John Brown figures to be the teams' number two opposite of Larry Fitzgerald. Behind Brown sits Nelson and Chad Williams. Jaron Brown will have a hand in the rotation as well. Adding Maclin would push back Williams time on the field, and limit the amount of reps guys like Brown and Nelson will get.

Not only is Arizona already loaded with speed at the position, does the team really want to pay a guy who will command a large amount of money? Maclin will not be anywhere close to the same five year 55 million dollar deal the Chiefs gave him, but he will still be able to get a decent deal out of a team. The Cardinals have 15 million in cap space for 2017 with three roster spots open after this weeks cuts. Financially they could afford him, but do they really need him for their push in 2017?

What do you think? Would you pull the trigger on Maclin to Arizona? Discuss in the comments!

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