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Pro Football Focus ranks Patrick Peterson as the 35th best player heading into 2017

Peterson is one of the best players heading into 2017.

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The reality for the Arizona Cardinals has been that they have one of the most talented players in the NFL in Patrick Peterson.

Much is made if he is the best player at cornerback in the NFL, and those arguments always feel hollow.

Whether or not he is the best corner in the NFL doesn't matter as much as the fact that since he was drafted, he has consistently been one of the best 10 corners in the NFL. He has gotten better every season, he is asked to do more than any other cornerback in the NFL, and he continually succeeds when doing it.

That's why, Peterson being ranked as the 35th best player in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus heading into 2017 makes sense.

Is Peterson the best cornerback in the NFL? Maybe not, but is he the one who is asked to do the most?


He also has consistently been ranked as one of the better players in the NFL, so maybe he's never been the best in any one season, but he has been the among the best every season he has played, and that makes him special.