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Bruce Arians not going to be scared off of London trip

The Arizona Cardinals head coach sounded off.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-OTA Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

While there are much bigger issues going on in the world than football, these issues sometimes cross paths.

With the events of London fresh in everyone’s mind, the media asked the Arizona Cardinals and their players about the trip to Twickenham Stadium in London in October.

While many voiced concerns, Bruce Arians brought his straight forward, leadership answer:

“Any time you’re apprehensive and let ISIS or whoever it is change the way you think or what you do, they’re winning,” Arians said. “We’ll go and do everything we can to put on a great show. If something happens it happens, but they’re not going to scare us off.”

While there is always a concern, understandably so, Arians is the type of man who even if he is concerned, is going to put on a brave face and stance on it.

He knows this is not only a great opportunity for the Cardinals, but for the NFL fans in London. Being afraid isn’t going to do anything, so if they are going to go over, embrace it and treat everything like normal.

That’s why we love our coach.