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Which Arizona Cardinals loss hurt the most?

Looking back, which player leaving hurt the most?

Indianapolis Colts v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

There are always going to be those that get away in​ life.

Lucky for me, all of those that got away were out of my control, as they happened to be athletes for my favorite sports teams.

One came up last night, as my buddy Coximus2 on the Twitter put up a gif of Max Scherzer seething swear words on the mound in his dominant 14 strikeout performance over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Looking back, many of the athletes I have lamented the loss of were outside of the NFL, probably because the Arizona Cardinals sucked for so long, but two stand out in my mind.

The biggest losses in my fanhood for the Cardinals are easy though: Simeon Rice and Anquan Boldin. Rice was the guy I was hoping the Cardinals would be able to build their defense around.

Meanwhile, Boldin was my favorite Arizona Cardinals player, potentially of all time. I was a big Florida State fan in my youth, so seeing Q go from Tallahassee to the desert was a dream come true. Then, to see him perform at such an astounding level was even better.

Who was the player you hated to see leave the Cardinals the most in your time as a fan?