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Wilson passing stats, a day with McVay, Lynch talks 49ers QB's and more

A look around SB Nation at the NFC West.

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Friday with the enemy and there is a lot of good stuff, so let's get to it.

Coaching support-o-meter, Part 3: Darrell Bevell - Field Gulls
How offensive do you find his coordinating?

Seahawks advanced stats: Russell Wilson and Passing Plus-Minus - Field Gulls
During the offseason, Football Outsiders publishes a wealth of interesting quarterback statistics from the previous season. These include play-action splits and pressure splits, which have not been...

Define success for the 2017 Seahawks - Field Gulls
How much winning will it take for you to brand the season "successful"?

Hype, muscle mass around Seahawks tackle George Fant continues to grow - Field Gulls
Potentially the most important thing the Seattle Seahawks will learn over the next three months is who their starting left tackle will be for next season. That decision will most likely move the...

2017 Rams Roster Preview: WR Brandon Shippen And The Grind - Turf Show Times
Can the former Temple product navigate through the depth chart to the 53-man by the end of the preseason?

MMQB Spends 24 Hours With LA Rams HC Sean McVay, A Man Obsessed With Football - Turf Show Times
MMQB’s Andy Benoit detailed a day in the life of the Rams’ young head coach as he bounces from his personal life to his professional one with the current of an obsession with football pervading both.

2017 Rams Roster Preview: TE Johnny Mundt And Empty Spaces - Turf Show Times
Mundt’s career at Oregon left much to be desired largely because he set the bar too high in his freshman year.

Kirk Cousins contract talks taking on more positive tone - Niners Nation
Can Washington actually get something done? They’ve got a couple notable deadlines between now and next spring.

ESPN reveals NFL Insider grades for every team’s offseason - Niners Nation
The 49ers get a lower grade than expected, and yet given the opinions proffered, it’s not entirely surprising.

49ers roster breakdowns, 90-in-90: Pita Taumoepenu - Niners Nation
Breaking down the 90 players on the 49ers offseason roster in 90 posts (over 90 or so days). Today we move on to defensive end/outside linebacker Pita Taumoepenu.

John Lynch talks about whether or not 49ers have 2018 starting QB on their roster - Niners Nation
I think the Week 1 starting QB in 2018 will either be Kirk Cousins or Brian Hoyer.

Is Colin Kaepernick really a worse option than some of these backup quarterbacks? - Niners Nation
There is a discussion to be had about what the film shows, but I just can’t see some of these guys being ahead of him.

AFCA looking at rule requiring NFL draft picks wait until exams end before joining team - Niners Nation
The rule is garbage and helps nobody.

John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan hirings ranked third best offseason move of 2017 - Niners Nation
While we cannot know what the free agent and draft acquisitions will do, having some semblance of stability is an important step.

Questions, observations for 49ers third open OTA practice - Niners Nation
This marks the final media availability of OTAs.