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What former Arizona Cardinals player, still in the league would you want back?

Which player would you want back on the team if possible?

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On the wonderfully complex website Reddit the other day, an interesting topic came up.

What former Arizona Cardinals player, still in the NFL, would you want back on the Cardinals roster? (Technically it was on the 49ers reddit, so credit to them for the good topic).

The obvious ones out of the way first, Calais Campbell, Tony Jefferson and Marcus Cooper are all players, even with the roster mostly complete, would come in and start right away.

However, I thought of a couple others.

Anquan Boldin came to mind, but his age and the state of the Cardinals wide receiver corps, it didn't make sense. Why add another one year type?

What about Tim Hightower as the lead backup David Johnson? Hightower is a similar back, and would be a solid replacement for long stretches of game if needed.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie makes sense, until you realize he's playing mostly in the slot, something the Arizona Cardinals do not need any longer.

What about William Gay? He had his best pro season according to Pro Football Focus. Except, again, it was in the slot.

Is there a player who you think could help outside of the three obvious?

I'd love to get some more names.