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Why Cardinals RB David Johnson can live up to the hype

The Arizona Cardinals running back was elite in another category in 2016.

Arizona Cardinals v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

There is something special about David Johnson, everyone knows that. What the stats that we don't keep track of tells us even more though.

In 2016, no running back broke as many tackles as David Johnson, who broke eight more than the next closest running back.

Johnson is able to make players miss with the ball in his hands, and do it more often than any other player in the NFL.

This is why there cannot be enough hype about David Johnson.

Johnson's ability to make the mundane play into the spectacular is what gets me hyped about the 2017 season.

It helps the Arizona Cardinals offense as well, Johnson's ability to make a player miss and extend drives is what makes him invaluable to the Arizona Cardinals offense.

Johnson is a guy who has consistently put defenders in a position where they look silly, without overworking himself.

What other player on the team gives the Cards that big play ability?

J.J. Nelson and John Brown?

Consistently, no.

Fitz? Not anymore.

Johnson's special and gives the Cardinals something special on offense.

If watching this doesn't get you hyped, I don't know what will.