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Bruce Arians compliments New England Patriots defense... Twitter does not approve

When Arians complimented the Patriots defense, it came across as a slight to the offense and one, Tom Brady.

Arizona Cardinals v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

It is hard to use Twitter and be able to communicate what you are clearly trying to say. It is even harder to use Twitter and convey what someone else is trying to say.

Just ask Kay Adams, host of Good Morning Football on the NFL Network, who tweeted out something Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians said on the show:

Now, this quote doesn’t sound great up front, taking away from, what is consistently a top offense in the NFL, but I think, I think what Arians is trying to say is... The New England Patriots defense doesn’t get nearly enough credit for their teams success.

Now, Arians adding that little ditty at the end about the Patriots offense getting too much credit, well of course that wasn’t going to sit well with New England Patriots fans and when Adams tweeted that out, the responses came in droves.

Click on Kay’s tweet if you want to go through all of them.

Twitter is awful.