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Carson Palmer not thought of highly in an NFL quarterback draft

Carson Palmer goes late and the Cardinals make a surprise pick.

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

I know, I know, a lot of quarterback talk today, but it is what is being posted around the web, and you know what... It is an interesting conversation to have.

SB Nation’s own Adam Stites did a draft of quarterbacks only, those in the NFL unlike the early article today which looked at college athletes as well.

In the quarterback draft, which uses the 2018 Super Bowl odds from Bovada, the Arizona Cardinals draft 18th:

18. Arizona CardinalsMitchell Trubisky

There’s a good chance Arizona would’ve drafted a quarterback in April if they didn’t get scooped by the Chiefs and Texans. Now in the re-draft they get the first rookie quarterback off the board, although the team may be better off finding a bridge starter to give Trubisky time to adjust to the NFL.

This isn’t awful, except, look at some of the names still on the board:

Ryan Tannehill
Eli Manning
Tom Brady
Ben Roethlisberger
Drew Brees
Blake Bortles

Oh... Carson Palmer as well.

Listen, I am not one to criticize to strongly, but all of these quarterbacks make more sense for the Arizona Cardinals than Trubisky.

Manning, Brady, Big Ben and Brees are self explanatory, but Tannehill and Bortles have some forms of success in the NFL, and Bortles is a name that the Cardinals have been linked too already.

Would Trubisky be a good fit? Sure.

Would I have taken him over the names above? Not a chance.