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The Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Conundrum (part 3): Making a trade

Looking at another option for the 2018 season if the Arizona Cardinals need a quarterback

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So far, we have put logical pieces together for the Cardinals in the 2018 offseason, and are currently going into the trade market for QB’s. I won’t say that we would/could trade in the 2017 season, but if Matt Barkley during the preseason is any indication, it’s always a possibility.

I will be putting a list of trade scenarios, what we would have to give up either during the season (2017) or during the offseason (2018). Trading within the division is probably not going to happen, not in this scenario. I hope you enjoy it.

Trade 1:

Arizona Cardinals receives:Blake Bortles - Quarterback

Jacksonville Jaguars receives:

2018 4th Round Selection (compensatory)

If this trade were to happen, the Cardinals would be trading for a quarterback who has struggled at his current team, quite resemblant to Carson Palmer when he was coming from Oakland in the 2013 offseason.

A small sample size has been provided, as I think Blake Bortles should have thrived with his current receiving corps, but so far, has been a big disappointed. In the 2014 draft, Arians said he had his eyes on a quarterback, but that quarterback never reached his selection. Leads me to believe it was Blake Bortles, and if it was, could BA develop him into a pro-bowl-esque QB?

With his arm talent, I’d say so. You’d need to have some patience with him, while possibly falling into the same trap the Cardinals did when they traded for Kevin Kolb, by extending him off his current rookie deal. Worth it? Maybe.

Or the Cardinals can just roll the dice and presumably lose out on either Deone Bucannon or Blake Bortles. The buying price should be just low enough for the Cardinals, so it could be worth considering.

Movement grade: B

Trade 2:

Arizona Cardinals receives:

Ryan Tannehill - Quarterback

Bobby McCain - Cornerback

Miami Dolphins receives:

2019 4th Round Selection

A.Q. Shipley - Center

This trade would probably be more towards the offseason, just because there would be some salary cap implications, and some money would have to come off the board.

Now, that’s not to say that the Cardinals couldn’t handle his cap number, but with both Carson and Tannehill’s cap figures, the Cards could effectively end their free agency prematurely before it even started.

The only way the Cards take on Tannehill’s contract is if three things play out:

A. Miami is officially done with the starter, and would like to take a chance on a quarterback in the draft.

B. Arizona really does believe in the player, and is willing to trade draft capital (like Bortles) for someone that is likely to become a free agent. And

C. If Carson ultimately decides to hang it up.

Another benefit is that the Cardinals would get rid of the contract of A.Q. Shipley, while also taking a flyer on Bobby McClain who is in a crowded backfield anyhow.

A reclamation project is exactly what Tannehill and Bortles would become, but maybe one that BA would be interested in.

Movement Grade: A-

Trade 3:

Arizona Cardinals receives:

A.J. McCarron - Quarterback

Jeremy Hill - Running Back

Cincinnati Bengals receives:

2018 2nd Round Selection

Calm down, Cardinals fans, this is a SCENARIO, I don’t need you to blow a gasket. “But we traded a fourth in next year's class, why would we trade a two also. Because it’s all about the QBOTF, right? What would you sacrifice for the chance to stay relevant after the Carson and Larry Fitz years? And in all honesty, do you really believe David Johnson will be the lone carrier of the Cards? Nay...I say NAY! Plus, it’s totally a win-win. When Cinci drafted McCarron back in 2014, they had no idea that he his stock would climb so high.

I mean, in my own personal assessment, wouldn’t it be nice to test drive a QB through repetition? If McCarron were to come to the Cards before the season, it would be via a trade, not free agency. Hence, why I left him off of the free agents list. Oh, and the chance to get a running back out of it too? Heck yes!

Jeremy Hill is obviously going to lose some snaps against the talented troublemaker Joe Mixon, so I’d say take on two young players with tremendous upside, bet on them, and hope for the best. And obviously this is the most expensive trade of the three, so this is probably never going to happen.

Movement Grade: C