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2017 Training Camp Preview: Arizona Cardinals have an intriguing quarterback competition heading into camp

A look at the training camp battles for the Arizona Cardinals.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-OTA Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Players

Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton, Blaine Gabbert, Trevor Knight

The biggest question heading into the 2018 offseason is the Arizona Cardinals quarterback situation.

Wait, this is a training camp preview.

The Arizona Cardinals top two players at the quarterback position will be Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton.

Palmer is an obvious one, there is no way he isn’t on the roster in 2017 unless he retires or something we won’t mention, happens between 7/14/17 and game one of the regular season.

It may not be ideal, but Stanton has Bruce Arians trust more than anyone on the roster not name Carson Palmer (probably Amos Jones as well).

From there, that is where the intrigue begins.

Blaine Gabbert is a journeyman, on his third team in seven seasons and has been, up and to this point, one of the worst starting quarterbacks in NFL history.

Yet, there is hope, there is a sliver of belief and wait and see not just from the Arizona Cardinals organization, but also the fanbase.

Trevor Knight is not going to be on the 2017 roster, unless something crazy happens to the three men above him, but he has some potential that the Arizona Cardinals may like on the practice squad if Gabbert were to falter.

Even if Gabbert were not, with Palmer’s rest days, there could be enough reps for Knight during the year as well.

What Happens?

The Cardinals top two players at quarterback will be Palmer and Stanton.

From there, Gabbert is battling the empty spot on the bench for the third quarterback position.

Gabbert’s fans within the organization will give him every opportunity to make this roster, if Gabbert can find himself in the desert, he will earn that roster spot and likely an extension into the 2018 season.

It may not sound logical, but I think the Cardinals really like Gabbert and want to see what he has and I think he makes the roster in 2017.

Surprise Cuts?

If Arians is convinced enough on Gabbert, maybe Stanton gets cut, but I really think we will see the Arizona Cardinals 2017 depth chart have three roster spots.

2017 Quarterback Depth Chart

Carson Palmer
Drew Stanton
Blaine Gabbert