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2017 Training Camp Preview: A lot of good, but any great wide receivers to go with Fitz?

The Cardinals have a lot of intriguing players at wide receiver, but who steps up and shows out?

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The Players

Larry Fitzgerald, John Brown, J.J. Nelson, Brittan Golden, Jaron Brown, Marquis Bundy, Jeremy Ross, Aaron Dobson, Chad Williams, Carlton Agudosi, Chris Hubert, Larry Clark, Krishawn Hogan

A roster full of players that are good enough to make rosters, but how many of these guys are difference makers?

We know Fitzgerald is the leader of the group, there is not much more than can be said about him at this point in his Hall of Fame career. There is literally only one thing left for him to accomplish.

John Brown has been extremely good through his first three seasons, but injuries derailed his 2016 season and now you have to be concerned about his career arc moving forward. If he can regain his 2015 form, he is a dynamic asset, if not, the Cardinals will be searching for another big play threat opposite...

J.J. Nelson really put himself on the map as a very good wide receiver three in an offense. If Brown can get back and healthy, the 1-2 punch outside and over the top is going to open things up even more for Fitz.

Golden has been a nice backend of the roster wide receiver for a long time. He is one of those players that will continue to make a roster until a better player simply outplays him. That hasn’t happened, but it could this season.

Jaron Brown seems like a guy the Cardinals would like to keep around, he is consistent and effective as a blocker and was becoming a better pass catcher. Coming off an injury and with the slew of big bodies behind him, he needs to step up in 2017.

Those big bodies behind him include: Marquis Bundy, Aaron Dobson, Carlton Aguidosi, Larry Clark and Krishawn Hogan. The question becomes, can any of these guys take over for, not replace because that will be impossible, Larry Fitzgerald and replace Michael Floyd or what his role was?

Meanwhile, Jeremy Ross and Chris Hubert will be fighting with J.J. Nelson and Brittan Golden to be those special teams end of the roster type (if Nelson takes a step back in ‘17).

Finally, there is Chad Williams. I am most excited to see Williams play in 2017 training camp and how the Cardinals will use him. He isn’t a “big” receiver, but he is bigger than the normal Arians receivers. So, will he line up outside, will he be the heir apparent to the Fitzgerald slot role?

What Happens?

I think we know of four on the roster:

John Brown

That leaves one to two spots. Maybe three if someone is especially good on special teams.

Who are those 2-3 players? Who is the best big bodied receiver? Can a player like Hogan, Aguidosi or Clark make this roster?

Is Jaron Brown back?

There are so many questions at the wide receiver position, but if your top three are Fitz/Brown/Nelson and they all play up to their ability, whoever is behind them won’t make a huge difference.

Surprise Cuts?

Jaron Brown? Chad Williams if he completely craps the bed? John Brown if he can’t get back on track? I really don’t see any surprise cuts because outside of the four listed above, there are too many questions.

If Brown is still hurting, maybe, but that seems like just about the worst case scenario possible.