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2017 Training Camp Preview: Jermaine Gresham has locked up the top position, who can claim the rest of the spots?

The tight end position is one the Arizona Cardinals have been trying to fill... Have they?

Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Players

Jermaine Gresham, Troy Niklas, Hakeem Valles, Ifeanyi Momah, Ricky Seals-Jones, Steven Wroblewski

Gresham is the unquestioned starter at tight end, but from there it is a complete crap shoot.

Everyone is waiting for Niklas to breakthrough and actually be a contributor, is this the season? Can he finally stay healthy, or is his career just an injury riddled bust?

Valles and Momah have both been on the roster before and shown some ability, but neither has taken the next step to be strong tight end two’s.

That leaves two undrafted free agent rookies, one in Seals-Jones who is transitioning from wide receiver to tight end and a lightly used FCS tight end in Wroblewski.

What Happens?

Barring injury, Gresham is on the roster.

From there you have to watch as Niklas fights to show he can stay healthy and play. Momah and Valles seem like guys who will make the roster because of their ability within the offense, but someone has to step into that second tight end role.

If one of Momah or Valles overtakes Niklas, that could mean the chance for one of Seals-Jones or Wroblewski to make the roster. If Niklas locks up the second spot so many have expected him to for so long, then the battle begins for the third and fourth tight end spots, knowing the injury history of both Gresham and Niklas.

Also, with the contract situation of Niklas, Momah and Valles, you have to imagine both Seals-Jones and Wroblewski being prime candidates to make a practice squad if they impress.

Surprise Cuts?

Niklas wouldn't be a surprise, but he's the biggest name that could get cut.

No one else would be a surprise.