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Bruce Arians sounds off on The Pat McAfee Show

The Arizona Cardinals head coach is unfiltered with the Colts former punter.

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Happy Wednesday morning one and all. If you need some strong entertainment to get you going this morning, well Bruce Arians has provided it for you.

On The Pat McAfee Show from Tuesday, the Arizona Cardinals fun uncle Head Coach met up with the former Indianapolis Colts punter.

What ensued can only be described as what a Bruce Arians podcast would sound like if it occurred on the regular.

Not one to do with the Arizona Cardinals, but one that just let Arians speak his mind.

This was an insanely Not Safe for Work podcast, but it was entertaining as hell.

For the download link, check out the iTunes link:

Here is the Stitcher link:

First off, Bruce is completely unfiltered, which is fun, but I want you to be aware going in. If you're looking for deep dive football talk, this may not be the episode for you.

If you want a conversation in the bar with Bruce Arians about football, his mentality of the game and why he is so loved by his players, then saddle up.

The Arians portion starts about an hour in, so fast forward if you want to get to it.

The highlights are even NSFW, but check out some of the tweets from the show to get you ready, which I will link to and not post. Enjoy!