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Arizona Cardinals 2017 training camp recap: Day 4

It is almost time for the dog days of Arizona Cardinals training camp, only four days in.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Training Camp The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

We are four days into training camp and it is already starting to take its toll.

For the Arizona Cardinals, the key to the 2017 season is not just about the players taking the next step, it is also about key players staying healthy and on the field.

Through three practices, that has happened, but we are starting to see some of the “depth guys” take a tumble.

For Ed Stinson and especially Alani Fua, this could be trouble, as they have had issues with missing time before.

Ironhead Gallon is a tough one, you feel for the kid trying to make his mark.

Outside of turning and finding the ball in flight, this was probably Justin Bethel’s second biggest issue. He always seemed like the type of guy who, once he gave up one play, couldn’t stop the snowball. If he is learning that every corner, especially the one across from Patrick Peterson, gets beat, he’ll be in a good spot.

Wonder where this falls on the spectrum of Bruce Arians hyperbole?

I am going to guess this spells the end for both guys, unless another injury pops up. We will wait and see.

Bad day for pass catchers yesterday.

I assume Arians is doing this for you A.P. Andes.

I think a lot of people are going to be surprised by Logan this year. He is an extremely talented, versatile player who can fill a number of roles for the Cardinals.

That’s a nice rep for Dorian Johnson. You’d like to see Robert Nkemdiche disengage just a bit sooner with his hands, but strong rep from Johnson.

Bethel... Might... Be... Good. Shhh.

Nice play from Scooby, but I’d love to know who tipped the pass as well.

I am so excited to watch Budda Baker play for the Arizona Cardinals.

I’ll probably regret my Zaviar Gooden over Scooby Wright pick for the 53 man roster.

No injury notes, as of yet.

Have a good night everyone.