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Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Recap: John Brown is back and Robert Nkemdiche shines

Get caught up on all the Arizona Cardinals news and notes from camp today.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Training Camp The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

It was an eventful day as far as off the field goes as Steve Keim continues to churn the roster.

In case you missed it, the Cardinals released three players and signed a former tight end back to the roster.

Then, they brought in a veteran linebacker as well.

Now onto training camp.

Carson Palmer is on a pitch count. The Cardinals need him healthy. All talk of next year is premature because of this.

How many bullets does he have left?

Is this good or bad? I think this is information Arians wants out there.

Drew Stanton and Blaine Gabbert on a Thursday, this is exciting stuff folks.

See above.

Could be worse, but Aaron Dobson has been playing well.

Is he back? I think John Brown is back.

This is exciting.

Never mind, I hate everything again.

I don’t want to talk anymore...

Walking off is better than the alternative, so let’s keep the faith.

Lets get to something a little more upbeat, as Robert Nkemdiche kills his teammates again.


Goodnight, Tony Bergstrom.

Getting even with Dorian Johnson.

That’s it for the night. Let us all hope for nothing serious with Smoke or Aaron Dobson, updates as they come.