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Five things to watch at the Arizona Cardinals Red and White Practice

What to watch for in the Red and White Scrimmage of the Arizona Cardinals.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Training Camp The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

The Arizona Cardinals have been at training camp for a week.

They play their first preseason game in five days against the Dallas Cowboys in the Hall of Fame Game.

Yet, it feels like there is still a ton of work to be done.

We can start to see some of that work and the fruits of it over the next week heading into the game in Canton, but to get us started, let’s take a look at five things to watch at the Arizona Cardinals Red and White Practice.

Carson Palmer's arm

Much has been made about the pitch count that Carson Palmer is on, but he's coming off 3 light duty days in a week, including a day off on Friday before the R&W Practice. If Palmer has the zip and touch that he had early in 2015 or late in 2016, then it makes sense to keep him in bubble wrap.

If he's struggling, well it'll be some cause for concern.

Can the offensive line hold up? Is the defensive line ready?

The Cardinals defensive line is being revamped, we all know that. So the question is, who has the advantage?

I keep going back and forth. Do I want to see the DL succeed and know that they will be ready? Or do I want to see a dominant display on the offensive line, knowing that the defensive line should still need some work? Either way, I think you want to see one side of the ball play really well today, I'm leaning offensive line.

Larry Fitzgerald and who?

John Brown is out. Aaron Dobson is out. That means we'll get a healthy dose of J.J. Nelson and should see some of Jaron Brown. Then, it's going to be a lot of young players fighting for a chance to prove themselves.

Chad Williams is making this roster, but it would be great to see him ahead of schedule, especially with Brown's newest muscle issue.

Then you have Larry Clark, Carlton Aguidosi and Krishawn Hogan. Which one shows up and shows out for their shot?

Haason Reddick

Simply put, the rookie has a lot on his shoulders, fair or not, so let's see what he looks like. Is he ready? Can he be more than a rotational player in 2017? This is the first showcase for Reddick.

What Tyrann Mathieu do we see?

The emotional leader on the defense was missing last year, it showed. While the defense wasn't bad on paper, they were not the same team that we saw in 2015. The reason, at least in my mind, was Mathieu wasn't himself in 2016. He looked hesitant, he looked like he was thinking, not playing.

He's now a full season removed from his second knee injury. Is he ready to be the player he was before?

What will you be watching for at the Red and White Practice?