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Larry Fitzgerald Remains Top Blocking WR In The NFL

The future Hall of Fame wideout continues to show that he is not simply a one-trick pony.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Football Focus has been releasing a lot of their 2016 positional grades this offseason as we edge closer to 2017 training camps opening. The Cardinals have been present on a few, but their most recent grade released might be the least surprising.

For anyone that is a Cardinals fan, this isn’t really big news. Larry Fitzgerald has always been known for having some of the most reliable pair of hands in the NFL, but one thing that seems to be overlooked (until now) is his ability to seal the edge with key blocks.

Whether Fitz is blocking for a fellow WR after the catch or on a screen or if he is keeping the corner off of star running back David Johnson, Fitz has always been more than willing to be a blocker. This has become even more magnified ever since Bruce Arians moved Fitzgerald into the slot full time. You will even find him lining up in the tight end position from time to time.

Again, if you watch the Cardinals, you already know how good of a blocker the G.O.A.T. is. But it’s still nice to get some confirmation every once in a while.