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Why your scouting sucks: Evaluating the 2014 NFL Draft

Learning from our misses of the 2014 NFL Draft.

2014 NFL Draft Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

One of the keys to getting better as an evaluator is going back to what you said and understanding why you said it.

At the Draft Breakdown Podcast, this is a yearly tradition. Every summer, Justin and I will get together and go back.

This year, it was looking at the 2014 NFL Draft and what we said.

It was a fun show, going back and talking about what we thought is one of the keys to getting better in your evaluations.

It also is a mark of growth individually, something important when you want to have an opinion that is respected.

What we talked about:


Johnny Manziel - What we learned.

Greg Robinson - Why he failed and not buying into the hype of what they could be over what they are.

Cody Latimer and making mistakes again.

Scott Crichton

What happened with Devonta Freeman?

There was also some good that we discussed.

It is a really entertaining hour, I recommend it highly.