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The Arizona Cardinals player you disliked the most?

Which player in Arizona Cardinals history was your least favorite?

Panthers v Cardinals Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

This is an offseason topic, clearly, but a fun one.

I’d like to compile a list, so answer in one comment then talk in the other so it is a bit easier for me to identify.

The question, which player is your least favorite in Arizona Cardinals history?

I am guessing a lot of picks will be Daryl Washington because of the off field stuff, but I am going to limit my choice to being based on someone who didn’t have a gross incident off the field, but instead was just lazy and overall a bad player and a worse investment for a team.

My least favorite is Wendell Bryant.

Bryant started nine games in his career, he recorded 1.5 sacks as a rookie and never recorded another.

Yes, he was suspended indefinitely in 2005 for his third strike in the substance abuse policy, but he was already a bust of which legends are made.

Remember, the Cardinals had virtually nothing on the defensive line and took the back to back defensive lineman of the year out of the Big Ten, getting rave reviews from Mel Kiper:

Bryant is an immediate hole-filler. He gives Arizona some versatility because he can play both tackle or end, even though he will play tackle for the Cardinals. At 305 pounds, he can run a 4.7 40. Bryant has natural pass-rush ability and increased his sack total ever year. At Wisconsin, he received no help and had to constantly fight through double teams. But Bryant remained a destructive force, getting after quarterbacks like Antwaan Randle El, Drew Brees and Joey Harrington.

While this can likely be chalked up to the same old sorry ass Cardinals, h/t Bob Kemp for the line, it was still disappointing to see the Cardinals get such a seemingly safe player and end up getting a colossal bust.

Who is your least favorite player?