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Adrian Wilson was left off the greatest safeties list

The Arizona Cardinals great was left off the greatest safeties list

Detroit Lions v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

One of the hardest things to do is to put together a list of "best of".

You always end up leaving someone off the list or you always end up upsetting someone with the order that you put them in.

That happened with Gil Brandt's greatest safeties list.

A 31 man list is bound to lead to someone feeling left out, and that someone is former Arizona Cardinals safety and current scout Adrian Wilson.

Wilson may have a complaint, but I am no historical savant on older safeties.

I do know Wilson is one of only 14 players in NFL history with 20 sacks and 20 interceptions.

If you go to the 25/25 club, that shrinks to six players.

Wilson was a unique force in the history if the game, but getting drafted in Arizona may have been just as much of a curse as it was a blessing.

Wilson was able to develop in relative obscurity, but paid the price in Pro Bowls, not reaching his first one until 2006 and only getting voted All-Pro once in his career, 2009.

He carried a lot of bad defenses, maybe historically he is being punished for that, but for my money, there may not be five better strong safeties that have played since 1995, when I remember really getting into football.

What do you think?