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Arizona Cardinals win over Oakland Raiders in preseason game number two

The Cardinals move to 1-1 in the preseason with an impressive performance by the first team offense and defense.

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals came out and answered the bell quickly in preseason game number two, winning 20-10, as the Cardinals move to 1-1 in the preseason, and looked good doing so.

Carson Palmer and the first team offense got one series, drove down the field and kicked a field goal. Thanks to the Raiders though, they got a first down on an illegal formation and the Cardinals made the Raiders pay.

Palmer threw his first touchdown of 2017 on a nice throw to Brittan Golden, who made a brilliant play to hold onto the ball while the safety was bearing down on him.

Then it was the defenses turn and they came out and made things happen.

You saw Tyrann Mathieu, you saw Josh Mauro, and more than anything you saw Robert Nkemdiche continue to look like the answer at defensive end.

Then with Drew Stanton coming in, he moved the offense really well, finishing 11-15 for 112 yards and a touchdown.

He also led the Cardinals down for a field goal just before half and the Cardinals went into half leading 17-3.

David Johnson looked like… David Johnson:

The second half started similar to the second half last week for the Cardinals. A poor drive on offense led by Blaine Gabbert and then the defense struggling to get off the field and in the end, gave up a touchdown.

Then, the offense came back out and again, struggled to protect Blaine Gabbert. You saw a bit of Gabbert bonehead play, instead of getting rid of the ball, he ran out of bounds, but the rush was coming.

Then the Cardinals third string defense made a play, as Josh Bynes made a hit, jarring the ball loose that allowed Harlan Miller to recover the ball.

Then, a quick throw got Gabbert in rhythm, and they moved down the field.

Elijhaa Penny came alive, Gabbert made some throws, and in the end got a field goal.

The trip should have been six though, as Gabbert took a hit, but delivered a catchable ball to Jeremy Ross, who couldn't make a play.

That brought out the best in Gabbert who played well in the fourth quarter and continued to move the ball, getting the Cardinals into field goal range again, but Matt Wile couldn't convert.

Gabbert finished 5-9 for 53 yards, but also was sacked four times.

The Cardinals defense buckled down and finished the job, holding the Raiders to 10 points in the game and allowed Trevor Knight to come in and finish the night.