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Raiders game reminds that Haason Reddick is still learning how to play inside linebacker

The Arizona Cardinals talented rookie is still learning how to play ILB.

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There's been much hype for the 2017 rookie class and for good reason.

Haason Reddick is running with the first team, Budda Baker is making plays every day and Chad Williams has looked good when he is on the field.

Yet, Saturday was a nice reminder that for Reddick, he is still learning a new position, and time will be needed.

There was one play in particular that stood out to me that Reddick's readiness as a rookie is being overstated, at least for now.

On this play, the fill hole for the inside linebacker seems clear, yet out of lack of recognition, which comes simply from lack of time spent at the position, Reddick over pursued and allower a massive cut back lane for the running back.

It's backside pursuits job to fill that lane. It's Reddick's job on this singular play to be the guy to make the tackle. Yet, he was over anxious and out of position.

And you know what? That's okay.

It's okay because it reminds us, this writer included, that Reddick is on a learning curve of how to play the inside linebacker position.

At Temple, as a defensive end, his role was mainly go or keep outside contain.

Now, he's being asked to read his keys, react and make plays move forward.

Hell, even last week on a nice play, he was late to react. Again, it's not a bad thing, it's something that is expected, but it's a nice reminder that Reddick will be better served as a situational football player in 2017, with a healthy Deone Bucannon back, than a true inside backer.

And again… That's okay.