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Play of the Game from Preseason Week 1: Cardinals vs. Raiders

Which player had the play of the game against Oakland?

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There were some great plays and moments from the first preseason game for the Cardinals.

Drew Stanton’s bullet of a touchdown to Troy Niklas, Brittan Golden with a score, a 4th and 1 stand....

But perhaps the most fun highlight to watch was David Johnson being David Johnson.

On paper it might look just like a simple 10 yard gain, but it showcased DJ’s signature ability to stop on a dime, bounce outside with great vision and break no less than 3 tackles on his way past the first down marker.

Johnson even avoided a big hit at the end of his run as well. If the Cardinals are going to be back in the playoffs in 2017, they’ll need these type of plays from David Johnson all season long.

What was your favorite play from the game? Answer in the comments below!