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Arizona Cardinals training camp recap for 8.15.17

A look at training camp for today for the Arizona Cardinals.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Training Camp Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals are all of a sudden getting healthy.

After Bruce Arians called out the Arizona Cardinals wide receivers, there was an uptick in health on Tuesday.

The veterans on the other hand were taking the day off.

More importantly though, D.J. Humphries was playing a little bit today:

I think Arians has been a little bit quiet lately.

Yeah, Arians isn’t happy right now.

There is a reason Larry Fitzgerald is one of the only receivers Arians trusts anymore.

Of course.

There is a reason Chandler Jones rushes the passer and doesn’t drop into coverage.

Good to see John Brown back out there. Also not entirely surprising when you look at what Arians has said lately.

I think a statement is being made by some of the veteran leaders on the team.

Good news on Bynes for the time being. The Cardinals are already thin at the inside linebacker position.

Somers is the best.

Looks like both quarterbacks had a nice day at camp:

This basically sums up the Cardinals right now.

Players they needed, players they were relying on are not available and that limits the team. Next man up is a great philosophy, but can only go so far.