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Arizona Cardinals fall to Chicago Bears despite big games from Tyrann Mathieu and Blaine Gabbert

Cardinals fall to Bears in preseason game number three.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

For the Arizona Cardinals, their third preseason game was a nice reminder that they still have work to do as they fell to the Bears 24-23.

Coming in against an average Chicago Bears defense and a Mike Glennon led offense, the Cardinals first team offensive line looked bad and the defense couldn't stop rookie fourth round pick Tarik Cohen.

Yet, when they left the field, you still felt okay, because you saw a great play by Tyrann Mathieu to pick off a bad Mike Glennon pass and another touchdown from Carson Palmer. The touchdown drive came inspite of Palmer getting drilled several times and playing without Larry Fitzgerald, John Brown and David Johnson.

Then the second team defense came in and you saw a little more athleticism on the front line, but a lot less discipline in the middle and backend of the defense.

Robert Nkemdiche, Rodney Gunter and Kareem Martin all looked unblockable at times, but Haason Reddick got beat on a pass play, took a horrible roughing the passer penalty and then Budda Baker got beat for a touchdown in what looked like a communication breakdown.

All of that is good to see… now. You want your rookies to learn from their mistakes and play without having to think. Both Reddick and Baker missed that in the first half of this game.

Then, we had the kick six, where Bruce Arians tried a 63 yard field goal, hey, it's preseason, and Aaron Brewer, Phil Dawson and Matt Wile all whiffed on tackle attempts as the Bears return man took it back 109 yards for a touchdown and the Bears took a 17-7 lead into the half

The Cardinals opened the second half with Blaine Gabbert and a quick hitting offense and moved down the field well. Aided by a pass interference call, Gabbert and Chris Hubert moved down the field and Gabbert scrambled in for a touchdown to bring the score to 17-14 Bears.

Then we all got what we paid for, Mitchell Trubisky versus Blaine Gabbert. After a series for Mark Sanchez, the Bears went to their rookie quarterback.

Trubisky looked late a lot, while the defense, the second and third team, really picked up the pressure.

Until an odd interception on a slant route where B.W. Webb wrestled the ball away from Chris Hubert and the Bears were able to score one more touchdown.

Phil Dawson kicked a 53 yard field goal with ease, which was good to see as well.

Then, the Cardinals recovered an onside kick and came close, Gabbert made a couple nice throws, including the touchdown to Jeremy Ross, but it wasn't enough as they missed on the two point conversion.

It was a fun end to the game, but a lot of players missed some important plays early.