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Six Winners and Three Losers from the Arizona Cardinals loss to the Chicago Bears

Looking at the winners and losers from the Cardinals third preseason game.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals didn't start well, but they did a nice job to end the first series for the offense and defense.

Then, it was a nice game again from Blaine Gabbert and the second and third team defense.

Then a weird interception changed that and the Cardinals fell in preseason game number three to the Chicago Bears.


Carson Palmer - Maybe there's a reason they are saving Palmer as much as possible. Palmer took some absolute shots tonight, but he got up, and made some throws that no one else on the roster can. While it wasn't great for the offense, the touchdown from Palmer to Jermaine Gresham is what you wanted to see to end the game.

Tyrann Mathieu - We've heard it all camp, but tonight, we saw it. Tyrann Mathieu made a break on the ball and picked off Mike Glennon, shutting down a nice drive for the Bears.

Robert Nkemdiche and Olsen Pierre - The young guys were active, aggressive and made plays. It was really fun to see tonight.

Brandon Williams - The Cardinals have been patiently waiting for Williams to make plays. Tonight was the best game he's had. He made a play on the ball and took an offensive pass interference call, then he got away with a little holding, and made a play on the ball. Finally, he took advantage of a late throw from Trubisky and just missed an interception. The Cards need that from him.

Blaine Gabbert - Gabbert and the third team offense made plays tonight. The Cardinals came out with their quick strike offense. It was effective and so was Gabbert. Then he showed off the athleticism in a touchdown scramble and then made some nice throws late in the game to give the Cardinals a chance to win. You see the issues Gabbert is still working out, but if you look at Gabbert as a young quarterback and not a seven year pro, you have to like what you see.

Chris Hubert - Hubert may be a practice squad guy again, but maybe the NFL recognizes him and doesn't let it happen. He was the best receiver for the Cardinals tonight, minus the one interception where he let B.W. Webb win the ball from him.


First Offensive Line - Not the start you wanted to see from the starting five. Mike Iupati, D.J. Humphries, and Jared Veldheer all struggled in pass pro. A.Q Shipley and Evan Boehm could not get any push in the run game. It is not what you wanted to see.

Scooby Wright and Haason Reddick - The starting inside linebackers, by name only, looked lost and slow. It was not what you wanted to see.

Kick Six - It is preseason, you try things. A 63 yard field goal was missed and it was then returned 109 yards by the Bears for a touchdown.

What did you think?