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Stock down after Arizona Cardinals loss to Chicago Bears

A look at five players who need some work after the Cardinals last preseason game.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals played their worst preseason game so far in their 24-23 loss to the Chicago Bears. Well, their first and second units did.

Which seems less than ideal, but it also helps remind you of the difference between the preseason and regular season. While playing poorly now is okay, it does allow us, the fans to reflect on the stock of all the players. Here are five players who stock fell after the Cardinals loss to the Bears.

Drew Stanton - There is no chance Stanton is not on this roster (if healthy) game one. However, there is also no chance that you can be happy with Stanton's up and down performance in game three of the preseason after a slam dunk of a showing in game two.

That really reminds you… Stanton is a backup for a reason. So why stock down? The reminder also served to say, the Cardinals have Blaine Gabbert, and Logan Thomas, and Matt Barkley and Zac Dysert before him, to see if they can be the long term answer at quarterback for the Cardinals. Stanton is a backup, which is just fine, but he's not a future 16 game starter and that is okay.

D.J. Humphries - You could tell Hump is working his way back into it and there was some bad, bad miscommunication between he and our next listee. It is one game, but it's one of the biggest questions you had going into the season and there is no answer right now.

Mike Iupati - Maybe one of my favorite players over the last decade, Iupati looks like he just doesn't have the consistent physicality and explosiveness we are used too. Every player loses to Father Time, is it Iupati’s time?

Jarvis Jones - Can your stock go down without playing? It seems like it has for Jones. While I didn't put Kareem Martin's name into the mix for stock up, I was trying to focus on fringe roster players, maybe no player has done as much to secure their spot as Martin. Add in that Cap Capi looks and plays like a slightly smaller version of Markus Golden and you have to be excited about the rotation and depth of the outside linebackers. Notice whose name didn't even come up?

Haason Reddick - I bought in. I do it every single year, but I bought into the hype. Sometimes it is hard to detach your fandom from things. Is Reddick going to be good? Absolutely. Could he be great? I wouldn't bet against that. Does any of that matter as to what he looks like now as a player? No. He's a step or two slow and looks hesitant on a lot of plays. Even in coverage, his biggest strength, he needs more reps. This was something I preached in May and somehow I let myself get suckered back in. He's going to be a long time starter for Arizona. He's just not ready yet.

Who is stock down for you?